model binding

Web API – Binding Complex types from the URI by default for HTTP GET requests

The model binding implementation in ASP.NET Web Api shares some similarities to the model binding you find in ASP.NET MVC and at the same time has some striking differences. For a more detailed discussion on web api parameter binding, check out Mike Stall’s excellent post on the topic. The topic of today’s post is how we define our own convention for parameter binding complex types when the request is a HTTP GET request.


CSV ValueProvider for model binding to collections


I have written a ValueProvider for binding model collections from records in a CSV file. The source code is available on BitBucket.

Model binding in ASP.NET MVC is responsible for binding values to the models that form the parameter arguments to the controller action matched to the route. But where do model binders get these values from? That’s where Value Providers come in; A ValueProvider provides values for model binding and there are ValueProviders for providing values from