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    How many times have you come across the following kind of code in JavaScript

    // code in script-1.js
        // eek, two global variables!
        var dialog,
        updateMessage = function updateMessage (message) {
        // function to run when the DOM has loaded
        $(function () {
        // #dialog is just a simple <p> element
        dialog = $('#dialog');

    then in another script file

    // code in script-2.js
        // function to run when the DOM has loaded
        $(function () {
        $('select').change(function () {
        // update the dialog with the new selection
        updateMessage('the new value is ' + this.value);

    All we’re doing here is updating the text of a <p> element in the DOM whenever the value of a <select> element changes. It’s a contrived and trivial example but it perfectly demonstrates the tight coupling between these two script files; if the updateMessage function is renamed, removed or modified to reorder the parameters (let’s put aside the use of arguments for a moment), this is going to break script-2 at runtime. What’s more, usually with these kinds of changes, it’s too easy to forget to search through all script and markup-related files for function usages and modify accordingly. And further still, it's polluted the global namespace with two additional variables (a big no no in JavaScript development), dialog and updateMessage, to allow script-2 access to the updateMessage function (which needs access to the dialog variable). There has to be a better way, and there is.

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