We primarily work with the Microsoft .NET stack of technologies:


Microsoft .NET Framework


  • Generics
  • LINQ, Lambda expressions and the Expression API
  • Task Parallel Library and async/await
  • Regular Expressions

ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms and Web API

  • Designing Scalable Architecture
  • Development of fast-loading, maintainable & semantic pages
  • State management
  • Authentication methods
  • Web Application Security
  • Data access with ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework
  • ASMX, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and REST Web services

Team Foundation Server

  • Source Control branching and merging strategies
  • Work Item Management

Other tools

  • MSBuild custom tasks & configurations
  • FxCop and StyleCop configuration
  • MSTest
  • PowerShell
  • T4 Templates
Web Technologies

Web Technologies


  • Cross browser W3C valid HTML variants
  • HTML 5 sematic markup
  • Accessibility - WAI ARIA landmarks
  • CSS 3
  • DTD, XML, XSD, XSLT and XPath

IIS Web Server

  • MIME type configuration
  • Application configuration & deployment
  • Application Pool configuration
  • Authentication and Access Management

JavaScript and libraries

Very thorough knowledge of ECMAScript and common JavaScript engine implementations

SQL Server

SQL Server

Database Design & Development

Comprehensive experience with:

  • Design & Development of relational databases
  • Data normalisation, indexing and key strategies
  • Stored procedures & User Defined Functions
  • Check constraints and triggers
  • Security and access rights configuration
  • Performance tuning and profiling

Reporting & Integration Services

Comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Report Generation
  • Integration package development
  • ETL processes
  • Deployment

In addition to the core offerings, we also have experience with a number of other libraries and frameworks from Microsoft and third parties

A rich platform encourages a vibrant open source community and the .NET platform is no exception. Often blanketed under the term ALT.NET, the maturity and stability of some open source projects make them a great viable alternative to products coming from Redmond; Sometimes the best ideas don't always come from Microsoft.
We have a wealth of experience with a number of popular tools, libraries and frameworks:

Not all projects are greenfield and can use the latest and greatest versions of tools and frameworks. For these occasions, it helps that we have experience with the following legacy technologies:

Legacy technologies

Legacy technologies

  • Visual Basic 6 COM
  • Visual Basic for Applications
  • MS Office Automation
  • Classic ASP 3.0 (VBScript)